A word before I go

EPC is very proud of it’s Award Winning Biography Program.

Our biography volunteers work one on one with our clients allowing them to tell their story.  The process of storytelling enables messages, philosophies, beliefs, memories and culture to pass from one person to the next.  Many clients also report a reduction in anxiety, depression, pain and breathlessness and an increase in self esteem as a result of undertaking this. Biography recording takes place over 6 – 10 visits of one hour in duration.

We also work with parents who are dying and assist them in creating age appropriate versions of their story for their young children – Children’s Picture Book Biography.

If you enjoy listening and typing, have access to a computer and the internet, have medium level word processing skills and are passionate about assisting someone have that ‘word before I go’ experience then this could be the role for you.


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Biography Testimonials

“Mum was pretty depressed when her cancer was diagnosed. Story telling really helped her open up and made her feel special and fun again. She felt validated and was able to share stories that would have been otherwise, hers alone.” – Daughter of an EPC client.

‘This has been a fantastic experience for me. I have been “gobsmacked” by the amount of work that Monica put in for me to produce this and it is all voluntary! Fantastic. The very exercise of just reminiscing was great and the guidance provided by Monica to put it into logical sequence was invaluable. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you Monica and EPC.’EPC Client

‘I love my biography; I keep reading it. It was great retelling the past. … when I read it I feel so much joy and satisfaction.’EPC Client

‘At 38 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it got worse. Enter Eastern Palliative Care (EPC), and Lee, my biography fairy godmother…. I felt comfortable with Lee from the first meeting, and knew I would enjoy this process. Lee travelled with me through early childhood, first dates, weird and wonderful happenings and everything in between. Lee took my hand and we set off together on a fun and illuminating journey of life. Lee’s enormous kind heart, patience, sensitivity and beautiful manner were apparent from the beginning. We have created a beautiful piece of written art for myself and my family. ..a priceless gift.’EPC Client